Neural Layer

Data Driven by Design


Neural Layer assists companies in becoming a true data driven organization. Make informed and effective decisions using quality data, enabled by technologies like AI, Big-Data and Cloud.

We define IT visions and strategies and create realistic roadmaps that address technical challenges and the business needs. We ensure that the outcome is an agile, cost-effective and secure platform that will enable data driven decision-making.

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Our Core Services

Our core services cover the full journey of becoming a Data Driven organization.


We provide advisory services with the focus on IT Strategy, data management and emerging technologies.


We provide Cloud and Machine Learning training with use cases relevant to your business.


We help to accelerate the implementation of data driven solutions using a proven agile approach and methodology that will eliminate much of the risk.

Our products: roboquant

Currently our main product is roboquant, an algorithmic trading platform that accelerates the development of bespoke trading strategies. It is currently still in beta, but you can already try it out. Just head over to to find out more.


roboquant removes much of the boilerplate code required to develop and test a trading strategy. So it leaves more time to focus on improving the strategy.


roboquant also helps to figure our what is happening when a strategy is not performing as you expect. So this takes out some of the guessing work what to do next.

Open Source

We are a strong proponent of open source, so also roboquant is available under the Apache open source license.


It is important when implementing a data driven organization, you remain compliant and inline with corporate standards and values. That is why Neural Layer fully subscribes to EU guidelines when it comes to developing AI solutions:


It should be lawful, complying with all applicable laws and regulations.


It should be ethical, ensuring adherence to ethical principles and values.


It should be robust, both from a technical and social perspective.

Our Awesome Partners and Technologies

We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. We also build our solutions on best in class technologies.